Review The Sky Is Fallinf

Sabtu, 18 Februari 2012

The Sky Is Falling

by Sidney Sheldon

Keluarga Winthrop populer bak keluarga Kennedy karena berbagai kegiatan sosial dan kehidupan mereka yang glamor. Tapi dalam waktu satu tahun, kelima anggota keluarga itu tewas dalam serangkaian kecelakaan beruntun. Dana Evans, pembaca berita di jaringan televisi Washington yang muda dan cantik, yakin ada sesuatu di balik kematian mereka. Dia mulai menyelidiki, dan terungkaplah fakta-fakta yang nyaris tak bisa dipercayanya. Salah satunya adalah penjualan plutonium secara diam-diam oleh pihak Rusia.

Dalam usahanya mengungkapkan kebenaran, Dana harus kucing-kucingan dengan pembunuh berdarah dingin sampai ke enam negara, termasuk Krasnoyarsk-26, kota rahasia di bawah tanah Siberia yang memproduksi nuklir. Ketika dia hampir berhasil mengetahui si tersangka, rahasia-rahasia mengejutkan yang dibongkarnya menyebabkan hidup Dana dan putranya yang masih kecil berada dalam bahaya. Dan akibat perkembangan yang di luar dugaan, Dana malah menjadi pihak yang diburu.

Mampukah Dana mengalahkan pihak-pihak yang mengejarnya itu, dan membeberkan fakta yang dapat mengguncangkan dunia?

Gramedia Pustaka Utama 2009

Saya: ini buku gw yang hilang 6 thn yg lalu..semoga diambil sm org yang suka baca sidney Sheldon kalo gak, dia itu menyedihkan bgt...tapi gw dah hafal cerita d buku itu: tentang Dana Evans?

Nanny: Sydney Sheldon salah satu pengarang yang aku suka, di sini dia menceritakan Dana Evan seorang reporter Tv yang menjadi detektif dadakan, karena berusaha menyelidiki kematian yang dia pikir tidak wajar dari satu keluarga ternama, kaya raya dan dikenal baik di lingkungan sosialnya. Berhasilkah Dana membuktikan yang dia duga dan siapakah dalang dibalik semua ini ? Silahkan baca sendiri..
Buku ini menarik untuk mengisi waktu luang, tidak terlalu ringan tapi juga tidak harus mengerutkan dahi untuk berfikir berat :)

Andre: I could not put this book down! There wasn't a single boring moment, I swear. Good paced, fun, thrilling, and disturbing, there was a cliff-hanger at the end of every single chapter. It's very common on Sidney Sheldon novels to have a surprising end that no one could have seen coming, and this one is no different. Although I'm used to his style and learned to expect the unexpected, his stories keep me guessing and misleading me to wrong conclusions, so there is ALWAYS a surprise. Definitely my favorite author of all time.

Levina: Not very original. It seemed to take Sheldon 100 pages to get the plot moving, and then it just ends abrubtly, like Sheldon ran out of time and had to think of the fastest ending possible. The characters, even the main character, were poorly developed and 98% of the men act exactly the same. They're gracious and polite. I guess this author doesn't believe in varying personalities in this world. Everyone is either middle class or very rich, which is also not realistic. Dana took several trips to different countries on the other side of the world and never seems to get jet lag. Just as in a million spy/adventure stories, the culprit is a Russian company making, you guessed it, chemicals. After reading this book, I think the wonderful reviews written on the backside of the book might have been written there by accident. I only have one word for it: Typical.

Marilyn: This book was a quick read, which I enjoyed for a change. I hadn't read any Sidney Sheldon since the last decade! Although this was written in 2000, I still enjoyed following Dana around the globe as she visited places I've also been to. One of her thoughts made me chuckle (and made me think of Tom): "Who in their right mind would visit Russia in the winter?"

Pratima: this book was about an anchorwoman called Dana. She tries to do a report on a family that was really famous, she wanted to report about how all of them died all of a sudden. she tries to get a lot of information, she goes to different countries to find out the truth. but she doesn't realize that her life is in danger by doing that, because some people want to keep it a secret and do not want it to be out in public. She trusts many people on this and tells them every information she gets, but unfortunately they deceive her. They are the ones who are the bad people. At the end she finds out the truth and it is revealed all over.

I learned that you should not trust a person fully, because you never know when they are the ones who deceive you. Just like what happened with Dana.

It was a really good book, i really enjoyed reading it. especially because it was my favorite genre; Mystery.

**There are many books that have mystery theme in them. The Sky is Falling by Sidney Sheldon is an amazing book because of the characters that are explained in detail, the suspense the author creates, and the theme of murder. It has a great story which perfectly fits in the genre: mystery.

The characters are great. The author describes the characters in such a way that readers can imagine the character in their minds. The main character in the book is Dana Evans, a famous anchorwoman from a news channel, who goes to different places to uncover the secret to a mysterious series of murders, which appears to be linked.

The story is about a family that is well known and admired by many people. An important and last member of the family is killed. Suspicious and concerned, Dana tries to figure out how the rest of the family died, and why, because everyone knew that they were kind people and that they could never harm anyone. Why would anyone want to kill them? But as Dana tries to find the reason and the truth behind the murders, she realizes that her own life is in jeopardy as someone is spying on her, someone who knows all her next moves.

Murder is a theme that is constantly repeated throughout the book. As Dana tries to uncover the truth, or whenever she is very close to it, someone who is about to give her the information, gets murdered before her knowing it. The murders are linked, and someone is trying very hard for her not to get anywhere near the truth. The only way the person tries is by killing the next person Dana is about to meet to find out what he doesn’t want her to find out. But not only that, the person also tries his best to kill her as she gets closer to the truth.

It is an awesome book! I really enjoyed reading it; the mystery that the author creates kept me so glued to the book that sometimes I didn’t even watch TV, because I was really curious to find out who was behind everything. Almost on every page something new happened and my suspects kept changing. The murders that happened throughout the book always kept me thinking, who could it be?

Purply: Efficiently brisk and reliably suspenseful, Sheldon's novel demonstrates that this veteran master of commercial fiction has not lost his touch. Freshly returned to Washington, D.C., from a stint reporting in Sarajevo, TV newscaster Dana Evans (introduced in Sheldon's "The Best Laid Plans") struggles to cope with her new adopted son, troubled 12-year-old Kemal, whose parents and sister were killed in the fighting.

Back on the job, Dana interviews youngish millionaire Gary Winthrop, the scion of a Kennedyesque clan, only to learn the next day that the prospective Senate candidate and philanthropist has been murdered in his Washington townhouse. Unbelievably, Dana is the only person who finds it odd that five members of the Winthrop family have died violent deaths in the last year. Despite this weakness in the plot, Sheldon crafts a page-turner that takes Dana on a worldwide quest from France, Germany and Italy to Alaska and Moscow as she pursues her hunch that all the Winthrop deaths are related. It seems strange that in a media-savvy city like Washington, no one but Dana has noticed there's a pattern in the rapid extinction of the Winthrops or even whispered the words family vendetta.

Deceased family patriarch Taylor Winthrop, she discovers, was a manipulative, unscrupulous businessman, politico and womanizer with many enemies. And the senior Winthrop's connection to the real-life Siberian underground city of Krasnoyarsk-26 and its production of plutonium proves the source of the family's wealth and their ill fortune.

"The Sky Is Falling" is vintage Sheldon; fast-paced, exciting, well-written, and always entertaining. I was just mighty put off by the constant references to Chicken LIttle but I guess Sheldon's entitled to a few quirks. After all, he's praised as being the "master of the storytelling game", and deservedly so...he grabs the reader immediately, and pulls them along for a ride they will hate to see end.

Yvann: Summary: Dana Evans, newscaster extraordinaire with the perfect boyfriend and an adoptee from Kosovo, stumbles onto a conspiracy to kill off a family of impeccably behaved philanthropists. Can she figure it out before the bad guys get her?

Picked up as part of a huge box lot for £60. One of the more amusing revelations from the box!

This contains so many stereotypes that it’s highly entertaining. There is a “royal family” of do-gooders who are indubitably wonderful, but actually one of them had a dark secret. Our heroine is beautiful, talented, generous. Her boyfriend doesn’t get much of a description, but his ex (who is, of course, a model) is still after him. She manages to fly all over the world at a moment’s notice chasing down leads and enlists help at the Pentagon...

Trashy it may be, but I thundered through this in about 4 Tube trips and loved it. As long as you’re accepting of the inevitable plot devices (quick trip to a nuclear plant in Russia, anyone?) and can ignore the are-they-aren’t-they bad guys issue, this has a snappy pace, plenty of twists and generally everything that you ask of something to read before 9 a.m.!