Review Vicky Angel

Sabtu, 10 Desember 2011

Vicky Angel

by Wilson Jacqueline

Every time a new Jacqueline Wilson book arrives, there is always a small part of every reviewer that dreads opening the book in case this time the author has missed the mark. But as yet, Wilson has never disappointed either the critics or her customers, and with Vicky Angel she once again pulls a little magic out of the hat and delivers another stunning novel with her trademark sensitivity and panache

Jade and Vicky are best friends, but when Vicky is killed in an accident she doesn't let a little old thing like being dead interfere with her life. Instead, she continues as normal, following Jade around, telling her what to do, how to think, how to behave and ruining any chance Jade may have to make new friends. Eventually Jade tires of it all, and although she still loves Vicky deeply, she realises she has to get on with her own life

Once again, Wilson digs deep and delves into tricky territory with a tenacity that at first shocks; but within a few minutes the shock subsides and the reader is drawn into Jade's world, willing her to come to terms with Vicky's death and praying that she will soon find her own way

As ever, Wilson's characters are beautifully observed, and the story is filled to the brim with an emotional truth that is awe inspiring and captivating. Jade's response to Vicky's death, her realisation that the pedestal on which Vicky was placed during her short life was not as stable as she first believed and the ultimate release from the burden of guilt and love are dealt with with a sleight of hand that allows the reader to become completely involved with the story without a hint of darkness, captured instead by a lightness of touch that can only serve to make Wilson's peers green with envy.

The Illustrated Mum was the absolute best. Vicky Angel, a sort of Truly, Madly, Deeply for kids, runs an extraordinarily tight second. (Age 8 and over) --Susan Harrison

Cherry: Generally, I might say this book is sad because it involves a girl dying, but then after she turns into a ghost, she can be as silly as she wants, floating around, sticking out her tongue without anyone seeing, it gets kind of funny.....? Oh haha..... Well, in this book, there are several types of conflicts,like Person-Society, and Person- Self. An example of Person-Society is when Jade receives a letter, asking her to go to trial, because she was a 'witness' at the scene of Vicky's death. Jade doesn't want to go, worried that she'll say something wrong and the judges will accuse her of pushing Vicky out onto the street for the car to run over her. An example of Person-Self conflict is when Jade doesn't know if she should be mean to everyone who feels sympathy for her, or make friends with them. When Vicky was alive, she didn't care about anyone except for Jade. So when some girls and a few boys express their sympathy towards Jade, Vicky forces her to be mean and not want to talk to 'such bad people' But at the end, she finds out that she can keep the ghost of Vicky shut inside a toilet stall, or a room, or somewhere, and live her own life. So after she does that, she goes and apologizes to the other kids. In the middle, there's something very interesting that happens...wait! You should read the book yourself! So...go and grab it!

Koko: Vicky dan Jade bertetangga. Sejak kelas satu SD, keduanya satu sekolah dan bersahabat meskipun memiliki sifat yang berbeda. Vicky pengatur dan banyak maunya, sedangkan Jade pemalu dan pengekor. Jade sering mengikuti kemauan Vicky, bahkan mengerjakan PRnya! Suatu hari sepulang dari sekolah. Keduanya berdebat tentang kegiatan ekstrakulikuler yang hendak mereka ikuti di SMP. Vicky ingin mengikuti lari gembira, sedangkan Jade berminat pada teater.

Saat berdebat, Vicky berlari ke jalan raya tanpa memerhatikan mobil yang lewat. Akibatnya Vicky tertabrak mobil dan meninggal tak lama kemudian. Jade sedih, namun satu jam berikutnya Vicky sudah muncul kembali di sisinya sebagai hantu. Vicky bisa terbang dan mengubah penampilan sesuai keinginannya. Hanya Jade yang bisa berbicara dan melihat Vicky. Sejak saat itu, Vicky semakin menguasai Jade. Ia memaksa Jade ikut kegiatan ekskul lari gembira, mencela teman-teman yang mengosipinya bahkan mengejek Sam. Padahal Sam yang bertubuh gemuk hanya kasihan dan ingin berteman dengan Jade.

Di bawah pengaruh hantu Vicky, Jade bertingkah semakin aneh. Di mata orangtua, guru dan teman-temannya, Jade terlihat sering berbicara, tertawa dan bermain sendiri. Jade tidak berani mengatakan bahwa ia sedang bersama hantu Vicky. Untunglah seorang guru sangat peduli pada Jade. Ia mempertemukan Jade dengan seorang ibu yang pernah kehilangan anak perempuannya. Ibu tersebut juga pernah merasa dihantui oleh anaknya tersebut. Si ibu memberikan kiat-kiat untuk melawan hantu Vicky.

Meskipun ada hantu-hantunya, novel anak karya Jacqueline Wilson ini tidak seram. Hantu Vicky bukan seperti kuntilanak atau hantu-hantu di film horor. Hantu Vicky hadir karena Jade terguncang atas kematian Vicky. Orangtua Vicky yang juga bermasalah semakin memperparah kondisi kejiwaan Jade. Jacqueline berhasil mengangkat masalah kejiwaan seorang anak yang tengah berduka.

Novel ini akan semakin asyik jika dibaca dan didiskusikan masalahnya dengan orangtua atau orang dewasa lainnya, sebab ada kultur barat yang tersirat dalam cerita. Buku yang terbit di Inggris ini sudah diterjemahkan ke dalam bahasa Indonesia dan diterbitkan oleh Gramedia.

Emiel: In this book the main character is Jade. She changed a lot already in the begining because her onliest best friend died by a car accident. that maked her change into a crazy women she doesn`t eat do her homework and also doesn`t sleep since than. Jade`s mom tries to change Jade back to her old mode but it doesn`t work she keeps sick. Since than changing has ben over she just get more and more lonely because she has no friends. The most people think she is crazy because since Vicky is dead Jade has her as ghost mode so it looks like she is talking to herself.

Wolfrider: This book took me about 2 days to read and I was so gripped! Though it did bring back memories of something that had happened to me but I don't want to bring that up... Overall, I think it was a fantastic book though not in my top ten oddly.

Adriana: I wonderful book about coming to terms with a grave loss at a young age. Much better than many adult books I've read this year.