Review Forrest Gump

Sabtu, 10 Desember 2011

Forrest Gump

by Winston Groom

This book tells the poignant and hilarious story of an endearing idiot savant who encounters famous figures of the 20th century.

Gramedia Pustaka Utama 1994

Wontae: Forrest Gump has accomplished great things in his life. His mother teaches him the ways of life and teaches him to choose his destiny until she died. When he was young, he struggled from his school friends but Forrest has a friend who is his best and only friend Jenny. One day Forrest found one of his special abilities which is run faster than other people. Jenny was abused by her father in her childhood, so she has been living a hippie lifestyle for her dream which is folk song singer. Besides after Forrest’s college graduation, he joined army, where he makes other best friend who is black and his name is Bubba. Both of them are sent to Vietnam War. Forrest is awarded the Medal of Honor for his heroism. After that Forrest started shrimp business which is Bubba’s dream and his commanding officer from Vietnam, Lieutenant Dan, joined him. They earned a lot of money. At that time Forrest knew about his mother is sick, so he came back to mom and he was waiting Jenny. Finally, Jenny came back to Forrest but unfortunately, she left again. Forrest tried to forget about Jenny.One day he met Jenny, she has a young son of whom Forrest is the father. Jenny told Forrest she is suffering from a HIV. Jenny and Forrest finally got married. Jenny died soon afterward.

This noble is one of my favorite movies original version. There are differences between film and noble such as the film adds several aspects to Forrest's life that do not occur in the novel, such as his needing leg braces when he was young and his run across the country. Moreover, Forrest's characteristic and personality are also changed from the novel, among other things he is an autistic savant while playing football at the university, he fails craft and gym, but receives a perfect score in an advanced physics class he was enrolled in by his coach to satisfy his college requirements.

I believe that Forrest Gump knows what pure and true love is. It seems like silly but that can be real love. Love meaning has been faded and people don’t know what real love is. Forrest Gump shows that the real love. It is also eternal love. Jenny is Forrest’s first lover and last lover in his life. Even though Jenny wasn’t always being with Forrest, Forrest continually loves Jenny. Forrest accepted everything from her and understood. I want to love like Forrest Gump to my lover. It won’t be easy but I think silly love is true and real love. I imagined some situation. If my lover is suffering from HIV, I cannot accept her. I think it is unforgivable. Do I know about love? This noble keeps throwing the question to me and makes me think about what love is.

This noble makes us think about life. Forrest said that "Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are gonna get." Life can be changed like what chocolates we pick. People don’t know what they are going to face with, so people need to get a power. People should overcome and accept. Therefore, if you pick bad taste chocolate, don’t disappoint or blame. Just think everything positively.

Eric: This was just short of a literary crime to put Tom Hank's picture on reprints of this novel. The printed version of Forrest Gump is so far off from the movie version that they really should be considered two separate stories. They share some characters and a few incidental anecdotes here and there, but take such disparate paths between them.

The Forrest Gump in the novel is slow-witted like the Tom Hank's character, but has a lot of other character flaws and personality differences. That should make the book better, since you can identify some with the flawed character, but both stories suffer from the "incredible luck" that the title character experiences that take him from incident to incident. They are each entertaining in their own right, but lack re-readability and re-watchability.

The book has somewhat more of an anti-Vietnam spin that reasserts itself more than in the movie, but in a very under-toned and ineffectual manner. Essentially, "[the war] was a bunch of shit." Despite that, it is a fast read and entertaining in its outlandishness. The first-person narration and phonetic spelling is only minimally distracting. I recommend this novel as long as you just want a fun ride and aren't too attached to the movie version of the story.

Aisa: I watched the movie first. Well, I really really really love the movie. Tom Hanks is the greatest actor ever and Forrest Gump is the proof! :) When I read the book, the feeling I got from the book was slightly different than the movie. Since I read it so long time ago, I kind of only remembered the impression when I read the book. I borrowed it from the highschool library. How to say this, the character was more complicated when you read Gump in the book. He wasn't really that simple Gump. The one we knew at the movie. It doesn't mean that the movie Gump was superficial.. the simplicity and the certain depth that comes with him was the main attraction. But the book Gump was more detailed. The simplicity that was his unique trait was slightly under the current. :)

Anyway, I still love both versions. :)

Theresa: well not as good as the movie, many of the aspects of the movie i loved are not inclueded in the book. Jenny does not marry forest, although she lives, hes a millionare, but only in shrimping buisness, but not because he survived a storm, but because he used an old method of rasing shrimp. Lt. Dan does not recover and make a better life for himself but remains a bum and a drunkered. ALthought Forrest goes to space, its seems a rediculus situation that resolves into a humiliating situation. the wresling and other humilating situations including the run for senitor seem so contrived. and the scene in the movie that brings tears to my eyes no mater how much i have seen the movie is not present... when forrest asks Jenny if little forrest is smart or like him. something i know more about then i would admit... I can see why they made the movie, and i am happy that they changed things in the movie from the original story.

Kelly: When I sat down to read this book, I was a teenager and it was after the movie had come out. (Which I loved at the time.) I never actually finished it. I felt that it dragged on and on and that they need to cut out some of all the extraordinary things that Forrest became a part of. I have never really been interested in sitting down to re-read and/or actually finish this book.

Patrick: This is a rarity in that the book entertains but is not as good as the movie it spawned. I think the reason why is that in the movie, director Robert Zemeckis let Tom Hanks play a sympathetic simpleton to good effect. People like that Gump. In the book, however, Winston Groom uses a very different "Nathan Bedford Forrest Gump" to satirize the Reagan-Bush years. This Gump is bigger and meaner. His innocence and stupidity are artfully conveyed because Groom is a talented writer, but by mid-book you realize that Gump has become little more than a mouthpiece for the author himself. It's a nice device because when you're writing as an ignoramus, you don't have to be politically correct, but it's also a crutch best used sparingly. That, I think, is where Groom falls down. Reviewers who compare Gump's adventures to those of literary characters in better picaresque novels are giving Mr. Groom a hall pass that I don't think he earned.

Lutfi: Lucu banget. aku lebih suka baca novelnya daripada nonton filmnya. Bagian paling aku suka: saat si forrest cerita tetang bapaknya yang mati kejatuhan sekarung pisang. ironis.

Hasanuddin: Sebelumnya sudah pernah nonton filmnya, namun karena merasa ada cerita yang hilang akhirnya hunting bukunya. Pengungkapan sosok manusia yang memiliki keterbatasan, namun dari keetrbatasannya inilah yang menjadi kelebihan dirinya. Ketulusan yang dilakukan sang tokoh disimpulkan menajdi satu kata "I just run..." atau dengan kata lain "Saya hanya ingin melakukan saja...". Humanity side benar-benar kuat ditonjolkan.