Review License To Kill

Senin, 02 Januari 2012

License to Kill (John Gardner's Bond #9)

by John E. Gardner

Charter Books 1989

James: I remember first reading this in fifth grade. It is not a fantastic Bond story--the writing seems especially clunky and simplistic at times--but I do love to the drama of Bond going to avenge his best friend's mutilation at the teeth of a shark. A quick, effortless read, but Gardner is no Fleming. Clearly.

Conor: Absolute pulp that I got for free. Was kinda interesting though as it made me realize how much of an unfeeling sociopath so many iconic movie characters like this are. Gardner adds nothing to the paper-thin-ness. Bond might as well be a rock smashing things as it rolls down a hill-no consciousness, no feeling - just the gravity of poorly thought out vengeance. But that's pulp for you.

Chris: Another of the "new" Bond thillers. More of a synopsis of the movie than in the style of Ian Fleming. It kept me entertained for a day or two, but just barely.