Review Tide Knot

Rabu, 18 Januari 2012

Tide Knot - Simpul Ombak (Ingo #2)

by Helen Dunmore, Rosemary Kesauli (Translator), Satya Utama Jadi (Illustrator)

Sapphire dan Conor tak bisa melupakan petualangan mereka di Ingo, dunia bawah laut yang misterius dan begitu memikat. Mereka ingin bertemu lagi dengan teman-teman Mer mereka, Faro dan Elvira.

Tapi sekarang Sapphire dan Connor sudah pindah dari rumah mereka di dekat ceruk yang menjadi pintu masuk ke Ingo. Ibu mereka ingin memulai hidup baru di kota pantai St. Pirans, jauh dari kenangan tentang ayah mereka yang hilang di laut setahun sebelumnya.

Namun ada bahaya yang mengintai jauh di bawah permukaan laut, di tempat makhluk Mer yang paling bijak, Saldowr, menjaga Simpul Ombak. Ingo sedang gelisah, dan tak lama lagi Sapphire dan Conor akan mendengar panggilan dari lautan dalam..

Gramedia Pustaka Utama 2009

Saya: belom robek bungkus tangan dah gatel2

Desni: Sapphire dh pindah ke St.Pirans
Namun pengaruh Ingo semakin kuat dlm dirix..
Di buku ini dy akhirnya tw keberadaan ayahnya
Simpul Ombak terlepas n Sapphire & Connor berperan dalam memulihkanx... Makin penasaran aja neh....

Katie: The pull (and story) of Ingo is growing stonger...literally. The characters Sapphire & Conor are growing up and becoming more independant, spending more time away from home and less in Ingo, but the sea cannot be ignored that easily, especially for Sapphire. They have moved further inland, due to thier mother's paranoia and urge to start over with Roger, her new love-intrest since the kid's dad disappeared. Sapphire is given new responsibilities with her dog Sadie who follows her everywhere, except Ingo. The one time Sadie tries to follow into Ingo, she nearly dies from the overwhelming "lost feeling" those who are "land-born" feel while in Ingo.

Everyone in the story feels like something omnious and mysterious is about to happen and Sapphire rushes head-first to find out just what it is. Her answers lie in Ingo which is also rushing out to meet her in a tremendous tidal-wave. The reader also finds out what has happened to Saphhire's & Conor's dad, and the answers are quite shocking and scandelous. I can tell this is becoming a rather interresting series & I can't wait to read the next edition.

Melodie: I think that Dunmore needs to include more cliff hangers in her Ingo novels. In both Ingo and The Tide Knot I wasn't left thinking. I like to wonder what will happen next so that I will be eager to read the next novel. The stories themselves are excellent, and I cant wait to see what happens. But, then I do, and the book ends. *THIS IS NOT A NEGATIVE REVIEW* I loved both books and cannot wait to read The Deep. I highly recommend the Ingo series for fans of fantasy novels. I'm simply giving my honest opinion of a small detail when it really sounded like the whole book was boring. It wasn't.

Hannah: This is fast becoming one of my favorite series mythologies. Ingo is fresh and unique without losing its timeless mythical feel, and the stories so far are so unassuming and natural. There's no all-knowing power, no Chosen One, no ridiculousness, just a fantasy that ebbs like the water and worlds it's about. It's on the younger spectrum of YA, but that works, because I love the absence of romance or wild coincidences. Family is the central relationship here, and it works without being sappy.

Dhy: i love the second book :) it told us deeper about what really happened with Mathew Trewhelle (father of Saphire and Connor) abd gave explanation abaou Connor and Saphire that they both are important for Mer and human. nice!

Elizabeth: Whoa... 2nd in the series--great turn on where the missing dad ended up.Dunmore managed to keep the thrill of the unknown in this book. The world of mer is colorfully depicted with her creative mind.
I loved it!

Krista: This was a great sequel to the fantastic book Ingo!!!! I can't wait to read the third one!!!!!

Brinley: It was really long it took for ever to read and nothing really happened She figured out where her dad was but she didn't do anything about it. I really liked the cover design though.