Review Lucky #2

Rabu, 18 Januari 2012

Lucky (Lucky Santangelo #2)

by Jackie Collins

Cantik menggiurkan, haus kekuasaan, gemar bertualang, kehadirannya selalu menimbulkan keonaran dan membangkitkan sensasi bagi pria-pria yang memandangnya.

Putri Gino Santangelo, gembong mafia yang terusir dari Amerika Serikat. Dia mengambil alih kekuasaan ayahnya, menggebrak dunia bisnis- yang gelap maupun yang legal dan berhasil melaju mengalahkan saingan-saingan ayahnya.

Menikah dengan Dimitri Stanislopoulos - maha jutawan Yunani yang bahkan lebih kaya dari Aristoteles Onasis-hanya karena terlanjur mengandung anaknya. Dia tak butuh kekayaan suaminya (dia sudah amat sangat kaya). Dia tak mencintai suaminya, dan bahkan membenci sikapnya yang snobbish dan egois.

Gramedia Pustaka Utama 1991

Saya: Ttg perempuan yang kokoh...meski begitu kekokohannya menggandengi kenikmatan menggoda dan asyiknya bercinta di emperan boat....buku yg pernah mengisahkan juga ttg satu wanita berselingkuh dgn sepasang suami-istri scr bergantian...sangat membuka wawasan dan menjadikan gw stabil, g labil...tercerahkan.

Steven: The second novel in the Lucky Santangelo series isn't as good as the first, but it's pretty close. It furthers the adventures of Lucky and her boyfriend, Lenny Golden. They have good chemistry and we hope for them to find their way back together. Once again, Collins gives readers a whole bunch of sex and quick pacing while burning through a lot of plot points. Great entertainment.

Alberto: Read this book 25 years ago! One of the 1st books I ever read! I loved it! Strong female character, sexy gay character that helped me figure out that I wasn't the only gay person in the world if Jackie Collin's was writing about a gay character! It was an awsome read.

Andrea: Not as good as "Chances," indeed slow starting, but it keeps getting better as you go. A good read nonetheless. By the end are you ready for Book 3 in Lucky Santangelo--absofrigginlutely!

Charmonair: The ultimate Jackie novel! Lucky is a heroine you root for, are envious of, and for just a minute might want to be! Maybe Lucky is the reason I love everything Italian! Ha

Kristen: This is one of my all-time favorite books - it's got all the right ingredients for a perfect beach read, and Lucky is a character that will stick with you for years.

Normalyn: I loved this book and I enjoyed reading it. Each character is intertwined. I really pity Eden, she has dreams but she just chose the wrong path. I loved the ending, I think if a man and a woman is really meant to be then they will be together no matter what. Love conquers all! It's great to be able to take a peek of how the rich live, however, living a simple life is best. Money and fame cannot really give it all.

Glenda: I absolutley Loved this book and I wish there was a another to read as I feel there is more to the story to be told.

J: Dirty, trashy novel - just what you need after a hard read or too many glasses of wine...random sex and famous people...

Carol: This book is like reading a soap opera, but I liked it. Every now and then I will read a Jackie Collins book. It is usually after I have read a "deep" book.